CHW at City Hall in Stratford on Saturday July 13

It was a hot summer day as two dedicated volunteers with Change Her World set up this display table in front of the City Hall in Stratford, Ontario. Heather and her friend Mary Lou have taken on the responsibility of showcasing the work of Change Her World in this local area as we begin the 10 month countdown to our 10th Anniversary in April 2020.

Penny – another CHW volunteer baked 11 dozen cookies to give away at this event and Heather and Mary Lou made the lemonade! This event took place on Saturday July 13 from noon to 3:00 PM but had to be cut short due to a sudden downpour of rain!

The next events at City Hall where free baked cookies and lemonade will be available to the general public are as follows:

Saturday August 17 – Noon to 3:00 PM                                                                        Saturday September 21 – Noon to 3:00 PM.

Invite your family and friend to attend in August or September and support a great charity!

If you would like to assist at this event, please contact Linda at (519) 271-5598 or email her at

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