The Third Annual Chocolate Extravaganza On November 4 was a Huge Success!!

We are delighted to inform you that our Third Annual Change Her World Chocolate Extravaganza was a wonderful event! The weather was in our favour as it was mild and although cloudy – not a bad day to be out and about! We saw a constant flow of shoppers and our Chocolate Café was a hive of activity – especially as people waited for the grand event of the day – the judging of the Best Chocolate Layer Cake – with 4 cakes being baked and donated by Madelyn’s, Keystone Alley, Kandy Cakes and our mystery cake baked by Ann Skubowius! The winner was Kandy Cakes!  Thank you to Laura Cudworth, Eddie Matthews, and Anne McDonnell who volunteered as our judges!

The presence of Lois Tutt who capably and skillfully demonstrated how one could decorate and ice cupcakes and cakes was an added feature this year! One participant was heard saying, “I even got to try my hand at decorating a cupcake! This has made my day!”

Thank you to all of our devoted volunteers – to those who baked for us, to those who assisted at the event and for those who came and bought chocolate cake, cookies, squares and so much more!

Leah Stevenson Hastings provided an awesome cake to be our door prize for this event and looked after being our official greeter!

We could never have enjoyed such a profitable event without so many helpful and dedicated supporters! We are pleased to announce that this event brought in $2,200.00 for the work of Change Her World!

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