Violence Against Women

Violence against women is perceived to be more serious in developing countries, ranging from domestic violence to honour killings.

Rape is often seen as a weapon of war leaving women brutally beaten, maimed, disfigured and often with physical injuries that will never heal. The psychological trauma lasts a lifetime.

These victims are not just adult women; they are little girls and yes, even babies.

The myth that having sex with a virgin or a baby will cure HIV/AIDS still persists.

There needs to be a combination of legislation and cultural changes to encourage women to tell their stories.

Female genital mutilation is a deep-rooted tradition in Africa despite being outlawed in most of the 28 countries where it is practiced. As many as three million girls each year are exposed to this tradition. This is the ultimate act of violence against a young girl.

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In circumstances of economic stress or conflict, violence against women increases.