HUNGER SEASON has arrived in Northern Malawi

It is with some urgency that we inform you that the HUNGER SEASON has started once again in Malawi and the girls we are supporting are in desperate need of maize. Here is what our volunteer committee members recently communicated to the Board of Directors in Canada after asking them –  What has caused the situation to be so severe this year?

They responded:

Last year we had a severe dry spell (drought) with rains

ended very early before the crops could mature. We also had heavy windy rains- some areas experienced stormy rains which destroyed the crops.

 We have done some home visits to assess the hunger situation. The situation is bad in all households. Some households have been without food as early as July 2015. In the months of October to mid December 2015, most households were relaying on mangoes as their daily meals. Currently the mango season is over and the situation is very pathetic.

Upon visits, we have seen that the hunger has caused school absenteeism as hunger results in poor concentration in class. Some Change Her World girls are too hungry to make the long walk to and from school.

We are currently supporting 200 girls and vulnerable women in both projects and would like to give each girl 100 KG of maize at a cost of $60.00 per girl.

Can you help us? We need to receive your donation as soon as possible so that we can send the monies to our projects.

  1. You can make your donation online here and in the comments section put the words Hunger Season.
  2. You can also send a cheque to: Change Her World P.O. Box 1057, Stratford, Ontario N5A 6W4
  3. You can call  Carol Hamilton (CHW Treasurer)at (519) 271-8701 and make your donation via Credit Card. Her phone is a secured telephone line and you are safe to leave your 16 digit credit card number and expiry date on the voice message along with your name and telephone number and Carol will process your payment.

Thank you for helping us to alleviate the suffering of so many! Starvation is a reality for many in our world and you can help us address this need in northern Malawi. Our project committee is ready to buy and distribute much needed food.  All monies received will be directly sent to address this situation!


This girl is waiting for food – yet she smiles to have her picture taken!

Judith boiling tea to feed family members. Glory (CHW Volunteer) is speaking to her

Glory (in Blue T-shirt) is a CHW Committee member who went to the villages to assess the hunger situation. She is speaking with one CHW girls who is preparing tea to feed to her family.


All that some are now eating are greens picked in the fields.

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