Education Workshops

Education Workshops and School PresentationsOne of the most important tasks of CHANGE HER WORLD is to enable girls and women in the developing world to be educated.

However, as Canadians we are limited in our understanding of the barriers to education and gender inequality issues that exist for these girls and women.

A number of education events will be held across Canada to provide Canadians with knowledge and insight into why a charity such as CHANGE HER WORLD needs to exist.

Hope for the Girl Child

This is a workshop which Linda and Carol present upon request which highlights the injustices inflicted upon girls and women in the developing world. They share stories of hope and opportunity for change.

Workshops for Students

Our Speaking Team is available to provide an age-appropriate education seminar to your students.

Through this audio-visual presentation, students will learn about the barriers that prevent girls from attending school in the developing world.

Workshops for Teachers

Our speaking team is available to provide your staff with a thought-provoking and insightful education experience that will inform and inspire.

Please note that the cost of these workshops is determined on an individual basis. Contact us for more information on these educational and insightful workshops.

All monies received go directly to the projects of CHANGE HER WORLD.

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