Mzuzu / Ekwendeni, Malawi

The Project Goal:

Our focus is on paying school fees, providing uniforms, school supplies and other necessities.

Project Contact:

Nellie Temwa Khonje
Change Her World Project Coordinator

About Mzuzu / Ekwendeni:

The area of Mzuzu/Ekwendeni lies about an hour and half south of Chilumba on the M1 in the District of Mzimba.

Mzuzu is the capital of the Northern Region of Malawi and is the third largest city in Malawi. The city has a growing population of approximately 200,000 plus 20,000 Mzuzu University students with about 1.7 million living around the city outskirts.

It is situated in an agricultural area specializing in rubber and coffee cultivation.

Ekwendeni is 20 km north of Mzuzu and was started by Scottish Missionaries. It has one of the oldest churches in Malawi belonging to the CCAP (Central Church Africa Presbyterian).

Timbuka is the dominant language.

There is a College of Theology, Nursing, Technical Training and the Ekwendeni hospital located in this community. Ekwendeni is largely surrounded by tobacco fields but is also booming with small businesses. With help from international NGOs, the area is being developed.

This area has a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS among its population.

How We’re Helping in Mzuzu and Ekwendeni

CHANGE HER WORLD has a project here which supports a small contingency of 30 girls.

This project was started in 2013 and the focus is on paying school fees, providing uniforms and school supplies and the other necessities as listed in The Chilumba Project.

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