Education & Opportunity

If a choice is to be made, boys will be fed before girls and are more apt to receive health care. Boys go to school more often than girls.

Change Her World - Feeding ProgramsGirls, as they enter puberty, have their freedoms restricted out of fear for their vulnerability as sexual beings. They are also made to take on more of the household chores.

They are often denied rights of inheritance of property and also denied applications for bank loans.

Boys, conversely, have greater freedom to have leisure time, develop friendships, and more opportunities to explore their world.

Education is ultimately more important than laws in empowering women to overcome barriers to equal rights.

The 3rd Millennium Goal recognized the critical access of elementary gender disparity through enrolment of primary and secondary school education by 2005.

The UN has called for greater urgency and renewed energy to this Goal by the year 2015. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential that fees for education be removed and school sanitation facilities be available to allow privacy for girls.

Women need to be an integral part of all development goals.